Dazzle with your colourful laundry...

In order for colored fabrics not to fade, you must first use the correct detergent. You can choose KALYON Automat Colored Laundry Detergent specially produced for colored clothes. You can see that while your clothes are perfectly cleaned without damaging them, your clothes always keep their color like the first day.

How does white clothes become whiter?

You may be avoiding wearing white, thinking that it is too troublesome to deal with whites. However, even in a short program, it is possible to remove difficult and stubborn stains in one use. Thanks to the special formula of Kalyon Matic Mountain Breeze detergent that you add to the washing chamber, difficult and stubborn stains are deeply processed and cleaned. Your white clothes will have a white appearance like snow after washing.

Keep your black clothes black like the first day!

Turn black clothes inside out before putting them in the machine and keep your wash time short. Specially produced for blacks, KALYON MATIC provides effective protection in the original colors of your clothes. To keep the blacks as black as the first day...

Get rid of stubborn stains!

To struggle tough stains, you can soak your clothes in the KALYON MATIC solution of your choice for a few hours and wash them again. However, before using the product, we recommend that you read the instructions for use carefully and check whether it is suitable for the fabric and type of the fabric you want to wash.

Is softener used when washing clothes by hand?

You do not have to own a washing machine to use KALYON Laundry Softener. Determine the amount of the softener according to the amount of laundry you want, be sure to add the softener after wetting the laundry thoroughly during rinsing. Do not forget to add the softener by mixing it with water instead of applying it directly to the clothes to avoid staining on your laundry.

In order not to fade the color of the clothes...

Improper washing or sunlight can result in the color of the clothes becoming discolored. To prevent your clothes from discoloring, soak them in cold salt water before wearing them. Afterwards, use Kalyon detergents suitable for the color of your clothes and do not expose to direct sunlight. Especially if you turn your trousers inside out and wash them, you will see that they retain their color for longer.

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